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Do you need to be certified to be listed in our Personal Trainer directory? While you do not have to be a “certified” personal trainer to be listed in our directory, we strongly recommend getting the NASM or ACE certifications. Not only will you learn new training techniques but you’ll also appeal to a wider client base searching for training.  Certification institutions report that on average, certified trainers see a 64% increase in training requests.

We never take a bite of your billing.  That means you get all of the money owed to you by your clients!

You can add a link to booking calendar on your listing so you have full control of your schedule.  If you don’t have an online booking calendar yet, we recommend or 

Your profile and account start at 100% free.  That means you can get clients at no cost!

You can also have multiple listings featuring different aspects of your personal training business.  For example, if you have a listing for your nutritional specialty and weight lifting training.

Since most of the marketing for fitness is very visual, you can add up to 20 pictures and unlimited YouTube videos on your listing pages to showcase your client results, testimonials, and infographics.

We can do 100% of your marketing so you can focus on training and serving your clients!  Ask us about our other marketing services – some free and others are paid for.

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